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To Order Products Directly from Dr. McCarty

To place your order, cut and paste the items you want into an email along with your contact information and postal address.

Email this information to wmccarty@wondrousbeginnings.com

We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours, give you your total cost, and upon email confirmationm, fullfil your order. You may pay by paypal or check.


Print Edition

Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting Babies’ Wholeness from the Beginning of Life - An Integrated Model of Early Development (2012) - $18.95

Packets for the Thirty Learner!

I Want Everything Packet (English)  $75

NEW! 20% Savings. This packet includes one of each item in English) This packet includes Welcoming Consciousness in print, a CD with all of the listed publications and audio files, and a personalized reading strategy recommendations from Dr. McCarty to best get to know her work. Shipped to you. Bonus material included.

I Want Everything Download Packet (English) $65

NEW! 15% Savings! This packet includes all the articles and audio files listed below. Sent to you through dropbox over the internet. Welcoming Consciousness in not in this internet only packet. Bonus material included.

Individual Items

Supporting Babies’ Wholeness in the 21st Century: An Integrated Model of Early Development (2006)
PDF journal article based on Welcoming Consciousness and Integral Model
Our price: $9.95

The Power of Belief: What Babies Are Teaching Us
PDF journal article with clinical baby stories – healing early trauma. (Article also available as appendix in 2012 Welcoming Consciousness book.)
Our price: $9.95

EFT Clinical Story of a 6-Year-Old Boy’s Eating Phobia
PDF journal article with prenatal and perinatal psychology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Groundbreaking article.
Our price: $12.95

Being with Babies Booklets: What Babies Are Teaching Us
PDF eBooklet with “classic” prenatal & perinatal psychology principles to help babies - 4.9 MB
Our price: $9.95

EFT for Mom, Baby, and Dad from the Beginning of Life
PDF article to support parents and babies during pregnancy with EFT
Our price: $7.95

Key’s to Healing and Preventing Foundational Trauma
PDF article
Our price: $7.95

The CALL to Reawaken and Deepen Our Communication with Babies
PDF article
Our price: $7.95

Lectures on Parenting-Audio Interview with Dr. McCarty
MP3 Audio -Consciousness of babies with heartwarming family stories in association with What Babies Want film. Approximately 50 minutes. (A favorite by many.)
Our price: $9.95

Additional charges:

  • No tax or handling charge for PDF articles/audio files delivered by internet
  • CA sales tax and postage for printed book, audio and PDF burned to CD - shipped.
  • Postagel includes cost for priority mail shipping through USPS within and outside US plus $1.00 handling fee. 

You total costs will be calculated and given to you in email response.

You may pay by check or paypal. Paypal payments are to: wmccarty@wondrousbeginnings.com

Thank you.