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A Message from Dr. McCarty

Welcome to my website. I hope what I have to share and contribute can add to you and your life in a meaningful way. My website gives you avenues to learn from the exciting emerging field of prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPN) and the clinical work with babies, children, families, and adults incorporating PPN principles. One of my goals is to reach professionals and families with this material in a variety of ways–through written material, presentations, customized seminars arranged in local areas and through my private consultation support.

Today is Jan 1, 2018. Happy New Year!

This website is now 15 years old. Ancient! I will be opening a new WB website in 2018. 

In the meantime, please visit new 12GP website.

My 2018 events, blog, and other information is updated there: 

12 Guiding Principles of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology 

I would like to share a few beliefs and visions that I hold to help you have a sense of my perspective and my work. In looking at the big picture, I believe that each of us is living a life that is part of an unending spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings that have chosen to learn, grow and heal by our experience of being human in this moment. Each of us is on a hero's journey--separating from our Divine Source with intention to find our way home again while uncovering the rich treasures of the Self. 

Our world and many of our birthing practices are a reflection of the degree to which we have separated from ourselves, others, the physical earth and from our Divine Connection. I believe we have rounded the bend. We are now re-awakening and remembering more of who we are and our truer self as spiritual beings in human experience. We are on our way home.

The thirst for spirit and soul, the thirst for deeper and more profound connection with the Divine and with ourselves is growing. With this, our ways of welcoming consciousness from spirit to human experience are now ready to evolve. We are ready to reach beyond what we have known until now. 

The name Wondrous Beginnings celebrates this evolution. The womb of new possibilities. The womb of reconnection. THE SACRED WOMB.

My broad background in psychology, research, education and spirituality brings together many ways of knowing and experiencing–from the very physical nursing experiences, the mental/emotional layers from counseling psychology, to the spiritual dimension through my metaphysical and spiritual practice. In that way, these have forged a synergy of perspectives, forming my integrated perspective honoring the spectrum of experience and ways of being.

The transformational healing I have seen with babies and families brings so much hope and joy, so many new horizons of reconnection and possibility for all. The name Wondrous Beginnings celebrates and holds this dear.

Wondrous Beginnings

On a broader level, Wondrous Beginnings embodies several of my lifework goals.

Our awareness of the natural connection with the spirit world and with the intrinsic continuity between our physical word and spirit world has been limited for so long in our western culture. 

From the ancient wisdoms still alive in some native cultures to the latest research in prenatal and perinatal psychology, we understand that how we are welcomed during the transition from the world of spirit to our physical world has a profound influence on the rest of our lives. My lifework focuses on incarnation – the process of coming from spirit into human experience–to provide the most supportive, nurturing, healing experience possible. I want to work with parents and those caring for prenates and babies as they enter this new world.

We are creating a world where we can help those coming in to stay more connected to themselves, their essence, their spirit and soul and become even more of who they can be during their lifetime. And most of all, we are providing a world where they can truly love themselves. If the new and young ones need some assistance, we want to help in their healing, as well.

In my work with adults, I help them identify and work with life patterns set in motion during the prenatal and perinatal period. With this recognition and utilizing energy psychology tools we focus to them transform them from difficult or painful patterns into life-enhancing ones. Thus, bringing more coherent and fulfilling relationships within themselves, with others, and with the Divine.

What Babies Are Teaching Us

I often include What Babies Are Teaching Us in the title of my presentations and publications. Babies and children have been my greatest teachers. I just had to learn to open to expanded possibilities of what they were teaching me and they showed me more than I could have imagined was possible. In their natural way of being, they call us to remember more of who we are.

Being with Babies

So much of the evolution in welcoming consciousness from spirit to human experience is in our presence, our actual ways of BEING ourselves and BEING WITH prenates and babies. In the prenatal and birth therapy babies teach us amazingly how/what/when they need to heal and to flourish in ways we haven't considered possible before. The time is here. What was only a possibility in the past is now an actuality.

It is more than talking to your baby, or stimulating your baby's brain growth. It is more than good nutrition and childbirth preparation. It is even more than bonding with your baby. All these are beautiful and important aspects and expressions of love and caring. Now there is more. There is a foundational way of BEING with BABIES that is part of the evolution.


Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, RN, HNB-BC, DCEP

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