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Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology is an exciting emerging interdisciplinary field. Professionals and families come together to focus on the earliest stages of human life-from preconception through infancy.

Thirty years of worldwide clinical research supports the ancient knowing that we are conscious, aware, and perceptive beings from the beginning of life.

We learn intensely during our experiences in the womb, during birth and the early hours, weeks and months of our lives. Our earliest experiences imprint and become our subconscious programming.

Not only are we building the foundations of a health body, but we also are building the foundation of healthy emotions, response patterns to life, and foundations of healthy relationships.

These established patterns are at the root of many health, relationship, emotional/psychological and learning problems seen as all ages.

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology:

Examines what best supports an optimal beginning and also what factors may result in stress/trauma patterns that could undermine healthy development and optimal life-patterns; and

Offers a variety of therapeutic interventions for infants, children and for adults to resolve early prenatal and perinatal dysfunctional patterns and trauma. Parents who resolve own early trauma help give their babies a healthy legacy and optimal early beginning.

Additional Resources

My more up-to-date website entries are on this website: www.12guidingprinciples-ppn.com

Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. APPPAH website includes valuable free publication list, articles, ceritification program, and conferences. www.birthpsychology.com

Castellino Training Seminars and Publications - www.raycastellino.com

What Babies Want (2004) – Documentary available on DVD & VHS
Noah Wylie hosts, leading PPN experts, including Dr. McCarty speak, with captivating family stories and videos.