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Consciousness at the Beginning of Life by Dr. McCarty

International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, Bridges Magazine, 2011 article.

Download article.

Investing in Human Potential From the Beginning of Life: Key to Maximizing Human Capital

2009 - Position Paper by Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD and Marti Glenn, PhD

ABSTRACT: Economic analysis of human capital–the abilities and skills a person brings to community and work force–suggests that investing in early childhood programs is much more cost-effective than dollars spent intervening later in life. Even with increasing knowledge of the importance of early intervention programs, there still appears to be a mental divide separating the prenatal and birth period and infancy. Programs that begin during infancy or later may not address the fundamental origins of the increasing issues we face regarding our children. The key to reverse this cascade of poor outcomes and to dramatically improve human capital and human potential is to bring innovative and comprehensive efforts to support families during the primary period of human development–pre-conception through baby’s first postnatal year. This paper introduces 12 guiding principles to align the re-visioning and strategic planning for funding, policy-making, research, professional education and training, and parenting practices. First action steps to maximize human potential and human capital from a prenatal and perinatal psychology perspective are addressed.

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12 Guiding Principles To Nurture Human Potential and Optimize Relationships From the Beginning Of Life–Brochure

Intense study and clinical experience in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology over the last 30 years has expanded and deepened our understanding of the earliest period of development.

In 2007-2008, a team of leading experts distilled these new understandings into a simple document and 12 guiding principles to help parents, professionals and community readily focus on essential ways to help babies and families have the best start possible.

You have permission to distribute these PDF as presented here.



To order printed brochures in bulk, email wmccarty@naturalfamilylivingsb.org (Pricing: $.50 per brochure plus $5.00 shipping up to 50 brochures.)

Primary Psychology: Bridging the Mental Divide, 2008 by Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD and Marti Glenn, PhD

As professionals working and researching within both the prenatal and perinatal psychology and infancy domains of human development and psychology, it has become clear to us that a mental divide exists in our culture and professional practice that separates the prenatal world from that of infancy…Download PDF.

Mother-Infant Bonding: A Legacy of Love, 2008

Your world and your baby’s world are intimately intertwined during pregnancy at every level of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  You are both held within a cocoon of moment-to-moment shared experiences, intimate communication, and a communion that goes beyond logic and reason or even conscious awareness… Download PDF.

Two articles from Noetic Institute’s Shift Magazine: Creativity Begins in the Womb and Nurturing the Possible­–Supporting the Integrative Self From the Beginning of Life. Download PDF