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Families and Professionals Comments

Dr. McCarty’s Classes, Publications, and Personal Support

"Wendy Anne McCarty has much to tell new mothers and fathers that is important to know about their baby." Marshall Klaus, MD, Phyllis Klaus, MFT , Authors,  Your Amazing  Newborn, Bonding


“Thank you once again for your amazing talk! I want to say, from a personal level, that I get it, I love it, and I am already integrating it into my work with babies and families. On the overall conference evaluation, many people stated your session as the thing they liked best about the conference. I second that! On behalf of the conference committee, parents, and especially babies, THANK YOU!” Melissa Boyd, Waterbirth International, 2004 Conference Coordinator

“A fantastic speaker with many original ideas.” Marshall Klaus, MD

“I am fascinated by your intuitive ability to interpret infant behaviors in ways that I missed but seem obviously important once they are pointed out by you. I have been around babies for the past thirty years and during the two-hour presentation of yours I gained new appreciation and insight on the significant messages babies are giving us. I was enthralled by your presentation that aptly demonstrated your elegant clinical application of the pre and perinatal psychological sciences to your patients that was both inspirational and healing. I am truly interested in learning more about your work and how we may collaborate in any way.” Fredrick Wirth, M.D., Neonatologist, Author, Prenatal Parenting


“Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty's work teaches us how to enhance our capacity to love. We learn to see what we have not seen – what our babies have been trying to teach us all along. We learn to see from the baby’s perspective how factors of gestation, birth, and early life can impact our children and ourselves for the rest of our lives. Dr. McCarty’s fascinating conference and workshop brought us more in touch with our children, our patients, and ourselves. The feedback after her conference, workshop, and individual private consultations at our center shows how many lives have been transformed with this vital perspective. Everyone is asking when she will return!” Barbara B. Powers, Chairman, Amayal, Centro Educacional de la Salud para el Bienestar Humano, A.C., Monterrey, Mexico


“Thank you so much for your presentation, “ Increasing Therapeutic Effectiveness: The Power of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology’s Map at our July 9th Chapter Meeting. It was a most informative and inspiring presentation. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive…including ‘ah ha” experience of being able to better link child clients’ behavior patterns with the mothers’ stories. We truly appreciate your gift.” Jennifer Ryba, MS, MFT, VP Programs, SFV-California Marriage and Family Therapist

“Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty’s classes are at the new frontier of holistic healing.  She brings research and clinical experience, as well as amazing videos of babies to help professionals grasp (1) the profound impact baby’s experience has on their personality, health and bonding, and (2) how to consciously communicate and understand their communication with us. These classes go beyond anything we’ve been taught in school! I recommend these classes to anyone seeking the truth about babies and healing, Dr. McCarty and her classes are fabulous! “ Karen Strange, Certified Professional Midwife, Founder of The Midwifery Management of Neonatal Resuscitation

"The insight I gained from the Dr. McCarty’s "Blueprints for Life" was invaluable for my work with premature infants and understanding the lifelong impact of the birth and perinatal experience." Carolyn Guenther Molloy, LMT, CIMI, The Nurturing NICU

"The field of prenatal and perinatal psychology is finally coming to the forefront. As psychotherapists gain experience and knowledge in this new field, they recognize that many core issues, psychological patterns and a person's orientation towards health or illness are rooted in the this very early period of life.Prenatal, birth, and early infant experience is as vital to any history, assessment, and therapeutic intervention as childhood experience. There are few people in the field who can articulate the methodology for evaluating the impact of pregnancy, birth and early bonding as Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty.  Her hands-on experience with children facing difficulty in life prepares her well for being the authority that she has become."  Paul Brenner, M.D., Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Obstetrician, Author, Buddha in the Waiting Room

"Your class was fabulous. I have rarely been in a class where you could feel the intensity of the interest of the students that strongly...You have so much material and your stories are touching and inspiring. I can see now that I have a whole new piece to add to my work, especially broadening my intake to look to pre-birth as well as birth for the answers. WOW! "  Gloria Arenson, MFT, Past President Assoc. of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Author of Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing

“I just wanted to say how profound today’s class, Discover the Secret’s of Your Life Story, was for my wife and me. We both were very moved by your presence, authenticity, and the wealth of information that you shared with everyone there. It was very profound for me… very moved and affected by it all. Thank you.” An Expectant Father

“I have had the pleasure of taking one of Wendy’s courses and been completely awed by what I learned. If you work in the healing profession and especially if you work with moms, babies and kids, during pregnancy and birth you don’t want to miss this!! She is the preeminent source of information on this topic and helped to found the first degree program in pre-natal and peri-natal psychology. You would not believe the research that has been conducted on this topic!!!  Wendy’s teaching style is very connected, she delivers the information so you will experience it on a visceral level that will forever change how you view and work with babies and pregnant mommies.” Michelle Bellamy, Mother, www.essentialspirit.com

“Many thanks for inviting me to the talk that Wendy McCarty gave last week. I want to let you know that I liked her very much, that I learned many unforgettable things, because I now understand much better many issues in my life and make me be more conscious of the importance of having this knowledge well understood prior to having a family. I liked it so much that I have decided that when I find a partner and we are convinced that we wish to marry each other, I will not go forward without spending some time with Wendy at an intensive workshop together with my fiancée …Many thanks again.” A Young Man

“I was in attendance at the SFV-CAMFT meeting and was absolutely floored by your presentation. I had dealt with numerous issues about birth trauma, and more generalized in vitro learning (the issue of music appreciation beginning in the womb, or a mother’s stress becoming the child’s), but the stuff you were telling was profoundly different. I just found everything you said fascinating. Thanks so much for speaking to us And keep this work up!” An MFT Intern, SFV-CAMFT member

“I was just at your CAMFT and heard your wonderful, wonderful lecture, experiential, talk. It was inspiring, informative, enriching, validating, I can’t talk about it enough! Thank you.” Another SFV - CAMFT Member

“I must tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar I attended last Friday in Grants Pass. I can’t stop thinking about the information you shared with us. I know this may sound silly – but – I need you to know your teachings have really changed my life. I so much want to learn more. Thank you so much for opening my eyes!” A Doula from Oregon
Attended Asante Health System CE Course: Extraordinary Discoveries that Change How We Welcome, Nurture, and Support Babies and Families: Compelling Clinical Research from Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology.


She gently and magnificently guides you to learn a more conscious perspective of babies. As an instructor or consultant, Dr. McCarty is a master at communicating how to work with babies (or yourself) during the early imprinting period. Karen Strange, Certified Professional Midwife

 “Been reflecting on our second baby’s birth last week and I wanted to thank you, Wendy. Our work together truly prepared me for having a different experience than our first baby’s birth which was so traumatic. I am so happy and blissful this time and things are so easy, I can hardly believe it. It's been so peaceful and sweet this week. Thank you.” A New Mom

“We are all doing great and improving significantly. Since we last saw you, we have seen much improvement in our son. He’s more relaxed and less grumpy. We immediately noticed the change in his attitude and in his character. Thank you very much Wendy for all your help. We are very grateful to you because you have truly made a difference in our kids and in our family. Like I’ve said before, this is something priceless and we only hope that someday we will be able to give back some of what we have received.” A father writes after a TAT surrogate session for his son

“Just a quick not to tell you how really terrific it was to talk to you yesterday. You are really wonderful, open, easy to talk with, warm, and so knowledgeable. I got so much from our conversation, it was really enlightening as well as validating… especially on the spiritual aspects, the visualizing images and communication through thought, talking with babies before and after birth and picking up on their signals and communication. You made great suggestions and I’ve got a lot to think about. Thanks so much.” A Postpartum Doula – Professional Mentoring Session

“I am so happy because of my appointment with you. My life and my little girl life changed a lot since I saw you. Thank you.” A Mom in Mexico

“Thank you so much for the session yesterday.   I felt heard, seen and acknowledged and also greatly helped.” A Seasoned Prenatal and Birth Practitioner – Personal Session


“Hello Wendy. Greetings from Nigeria. We just concluded the second day of the Womb Life Education workshop and had your materials presented and discussed in the afternoon session. We have 72 participants and they were full of praises for your insights and other information in your website. I feel so excited about the wonderful response to this initiative with several nurses, midwives, psychologists, educators all gathering to learn about life in the womb. Thank You.” Raphael Ogar OkoCountry Coordinator, Teachers Without Borders - Nigeria

Being with Babies Booklets: Over 8,000 distributed globally

"For the sake of our babies, for the sake of ourselves, for the sake or our families & communities, for the sake of the world read and be nourished by these wonderful booklets." Peter A. Levine, Ph.D., Author, Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma 

“We have 4 children, four boys ages 7,5,and 3 and girl now 5 months old. Your books have given me tremendous insight and my only problem is, I wish I had had them long ago.  You have opened my eyes to so much and I now feel I can relate to my daughter in a much deeper way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to us.” A Mom’s comments on Being with Babies Booklets

The CALL TO Reawaken and Deepen Our Communications with Babies Article in The International (2004) “I wanted to let you know how happy I was to open up my most recent issue of International Doula from DONA and read your fabulous article in The International Doula Publication. You did a great job of covering all of the historical bases in the PPN field including the names of key players, you, Emerson, Castellino, Chamberlain. Many times, doulas ask me what exactly the PPN field covers and I can now turn them over to this article to help explain. Yes, even though I am immersed in the PPN work, it is difficult to articulate the layers of “research” and sound credible. As I reread this article I realize how far we have all come along in this field...and, the work ahead...Thank you for inspiring me so.” Angelique Millette, SBGI graduate student in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Doula, CD (DONA), PCD (DONA).

The Power of Beliefs: What Babies Are Teaching Us (JPPPH 2002)

“A revolutionary paper calling for a new paradigm to explain infant cognition.” David Chamberlain, Ph.D., Author of The Mind of Your Newborn Baby.


Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting Babies Wholeness from the Beginning of Life–An Integrated Model of Early Development

Comments on this new developmental psychology text (2004):

“Wendy Anne McCarty is the emerging voice in the field of pre and perinatal psychology. Her work with babies is that of grace unfolding. All therapists would do well to become familiar with how she works with little ones." Michael Shea, Ph.D., Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapist and Trainer

“I highly recommend Welcoming Consciousness, its perspective on integrating mind, body and spirit truly has the potential to change the world. We have all been indoctrinated with the belief that the character of our lives is preprogrammed in the genes. However, a radically new understanding in science now reveals that it is our perceptions of the world that controls genes and programs our behavior. In Welcoming Consciousness, Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, offers important insights into how pre- and perinatal experiences provide for the most influential perceptions that shape one’s life. Dr. McCarty’s synthesis of leading edge biomedical science, current psychology and the awareness acquired through her professional practice provides an important contribution to our understanding of the human experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.” Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, Cell Biologist, Author, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

“What a wonderful book Dr. McCarty has written. From the moment I picked it up, I could not put it down. Dr. McCarty succeeds in introducing an integrative model of early human experience that takes our understanding of early human development, pre and perinatal psychology, and healing to higher and more potent levels. Her book tells of her evolving journey through traditional ways of viewing babies into pre and perinatal psychology and experiential spirituality. She incorporates theories and clinical cases from a wide variety of practitioners, writers, and healers, weaving theory and practice with balance and grace. In her model, Dr. McCarty reintegrates our basic, sentient nature into our developmental theories and clinical practices. She posits a dual source of awareness, one associated with the biological human self and another with the transcendent self, having awareness preceding conception and surviving death. This is a marvelous book. A unique contribution and a must read! It will transform your practice and your understanding of life.” William R. Emerson, Ph.D., Pioneer in Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Director of Emerson Seminars

What a tour de force! I enjoyed Welcoming Consciousness immensely and found it most impressive. It's great the way you have set the evidence of experience into a philosophical background. As a fellow researcher and writer in the field, my favorite parts were the stories and examples and your own experiences. Yet, the theoretical underpinnings you provide help substantiate the reality of the incoming soul. Elisabeth Hallett, Author, Soul Trek; Stories of the Unborn Soul: The Mystery and Delight of Pre-Birth Communication

Welcoming Consciousness explores the sentient nature of life itself and more to the point of each new, emerging human being. We are both mind and matter, wave and partial, spirit and form, Wendy provides us a bridge, a way of looking and integrating our conscious, formless, quantum self and our biological, material, physical self. Welcoming Consciousness is clear, provocative and deeply human. Michael Mendizza, Founder, Touch the Future, www.ttfuture.org, Co-Author with Joseph Chilton Pearce, Magical Parent-Magical Child

“Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty has given us an amazing work by giving words to experiences that have origins from preverbal time or that time before any of us had words. She welcomes consciousness by giving respect to early experience that so many of us know in our heart of hearts to be true. For those who are on the edge of discovering consciousness prior to the development of our nervous systems, she helps us stretch our thinking in ways that opens the doors into this new paradigm. Thank you, Wendy.” Raymond Castellino, DC, Clinic Director, BEBA, Director, Castellino Prenatal and Birth Training, Adjunct Faculty, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

"In her groundbreaking book Welcoming Consciousness, Dr. McCarty convincingly brings prenatal and perinatal psychology into the 21st century. In weaving together astonishing clinical stories, quantum physics, holographic theory, psychology, and philosophy, she introduces an integrative early development model that portrays babies as conscious, aware, and sentient beings from the beginning of life. This book is a MUST for anyone involved in pregnancy, birth, and supporting babies and young children." Paul Brenner, M.D., Ph.D., Obstetrician, and Psychotherapist, Author, Buddha in the Waiting Room

“I finished reading your eBook. Wow! Thanks so much. You have organized this model so convincingly and it helped me with the parts that have been difficult to understand with regard to developmental study and PPN. I loved the part about what a baby needs to learn to come into human life. That makes so much sense to me. I have often wondered about object permanence….” Kathryn Landon-Malone, MSN, CPNP

“Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty's text on Welcoming Consciousness provides a clear and substantive introduction to readers on the latest theoretical developments in Pre and Perinatal Psychology. But it is much more than that. Dr. McCarty weaves together cutting edge knowledge from a variety of disciplines supporting consciousness in the earliest stages of human life. As well, she introduces original material from her clinical work, provides an autoethnographic context, and begins the task of articulating an integrated theory to "welcome" the developing fetus and newborn into this world. She has made a wonderful contribution to a new and emerging field.” Carolyn Kenny, Ph.D., Board Certified Music Therapist, Professor of Human Development and Indigenous Studies, Antioch Ph.D. in Leadership and Change

“As a healthcare practitioner for 25 years specializing in CranioSacral Therapy the question of how to communicate our conscious and sentient wholeness to other healthcare providers or the public who do not have that orientation has placed me in the category of  ‘... one of those wacky metaphysical types.’ Those human beings, who have experienced that part of their nature, know empirically of its validity and those have not, will often dismiss it. My work has guided me to place implicit trust in a fetus and newborn’s capacity to understand complex emotions and situations. When working with these families, witnessing a parent’s newfound cognition of their baby’s comprehension is remarkable. In the field of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, there seems to be a gap between the subjective experiences and academic writing and research regarding consciousness. Dr. McCarty’s new e-book, Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting Babies’ Wholeness From the Beginning of Life is the first working theoretical model to attempt to bridge the chasm between the two paradigms. Dr. McCarty begins to bring a holistic model of infant development that is inclusive of consciousness with rationales that are based from the diverse and dynamic fields of physics, psychology, and spirituality. It inspires me to pursue the topic more vigorously and gives me great hope for healing the wound in our culture perpetuated by separation of consciousness from the mind and body.” Jennifer Absey R.N., C.M.T.

This important book establishes a new model for childbirth science. The transpersonal dimensions of life, the primary dimensions, are at last presented as the basis of life in a model that should help childbirth professionals work with a more appropriate vision of what a child is and can become. Robert Newman, Author, CALM BIRTH/Childbirth Method for the 21st Century

I really enjoyed your book, Welcoming Consciousness. As a therapist and film maker, I have been dedicated for years to helping people learn and understand the amazing world of the newborn. This new information your work brings forward is critical to a deeper understanding of how we can best meet and welcome our children.  Although it is a very scholarly work for the layperson, you use language and concepts that make it accessible, while satisfying the need for these concepts to be presented in a legitimate and rational way. It was a good read! Debby Takikawa, Documentary Producer/director, What Babies Want: An Exploration of the Consciousness of Infants

"Thank you for your wonderful book and for your clarification of key differences between the new prenatal and perinatal paradigm and that of traditional psychology. Your “integrated model of early development” provides an important guide for negotiating between early illusive experiences of the transcendent self and those of the human self, a distinction that is core and essential to prenatal and perinatal psychology. Your personal disclosures add richness, meaning, and clarity to your message. Anyone who is interested in the prenatal and perinatal experience should definitely read your book." Nancy Greenfield M.A., R.C.S.T.

“Your article in APPPAH journal was fantastic!! I so appreciate you bringing in all the threads. There’s been such a gap in the literature. SBGI Doctoral Student (JOPPPH 2006 Article)